A breakthrough product that enhances gut health, goes beyond probiotics. 

The product, Japan’s best kept secret, is called LACTIS. 

LACTIS is unique because it contains fermented metabolites of Lactobacillus.

These metabolites, (Abiotics) importantly, are not live bacteria as found in probiotics. LACTIS is therefore a safer and effective alternative to probiotics.

A best seller in Japan, LACTIS is made from organically grown soybeans harvested in the Mt Fuji area…


“I have had intermittent diarrhoea and constipation since chemotherapy, including a lot of bloating and gas. Since taking LACTIS; over a period of three weeks; this has completely resolved.”

A breakthrough product for gut and immune health:

LACTIS is a premium dietary microbiome supplement to maintain digestive balance and general wellbeing. LACTIS is created from 16 strains of Lactobacillus; fermented and aged for one year. After a year’s fermentation, the active ingredients are extracted. The extracts contain a high concentration of Lactobacillus metabolites and bioactive peptides; no live bacteria.

LACTIS is researched to contain over 4000 fermented compounds. processes. The result another exceptional Japanese fermented product that nourishes and invigorates your own ‘resident’ gut bacteria

“Since taking LACTIS, not only has my bowel function improved, I have a lot less gas. I also notice I am selecting different foods from wider range of food groups. I am eating foods I have not eaten for years. These dietary changes have positively contributed to my general health.”


One month supply – 30 x 10ml 

For gut and immune health 


Tear sachet to open. Drink one per day, as is, or dilute with up to one cup of water. 
Consume immediately after opening the sachet.

  • Easy to take and traveller friendly.
  • Recommended mixing with water but can also be mixed with juice or warm tea.