Lactis – Q & A

Q1, What is LACTIS?

LACTIS is nutritional food to maintain healthy intestinal environment and to support your healthy life. LACTIS is food and not a medicine or a supplement.

The main ingredient is Lactic Acid Bacterial Extract Fermentation. It works work to stimulate the beneficial bacteria to proliferate while inhibiting the reproduction of harmful bacteria. There is a sharp decline in detrimental bacteria and improved intestinal bacteria balance.

Q2, What are the effect of Lactis?

 LACTIS can support the lactic acid bacteria in intestine, improve the intestinal environment, and thus maintain a person’s health. To keep the enteric environment healthy and balanced is essential for good health. In this way, LACTIS also keeps a functional immune balance of the human body.

Q3, What are the ingredients?

The ingredients are LAB Extract Fermentation (secretion and bacteria body substance), citric acid and lactic acid. LACTIS doesn’t contain any artificial preservative, colouring agent, perfumes, sugar and animal material.

Lactic Acid Bacterial Extract Fermentation contains LAB’s secretions (the fermentation extract produced by the LAB) and bacterial body substances (LAB cellular material). Living LAB is not contained.

Q4, How is Lactic Acid Bacterial Extract Fermentation made?

It is a co-culture of selected 16 strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) made using proprietary fermentation technology. We use soy milk from special soy beans for the fermenting culture. We made those soy beans in a specialised organic farm, pesticide-free, chemical fertilizer-free. The soy milk is fermented and aged in a medium for one year, after which the lactic acid-fermented product is extracted. We have credible research history over 100 years.

Q5, How should I take Lactis?

You can dilute in water or take directly. The Japanese recommend drinking it diluted because it reaches the intestine easier.

Timing: Recommend drinking in the morning when the stomach is empty.

Add 1 vial (tube, capsule) to some water, drink after awaking in the morning.

Q6, How much should I drink?

We suggest 1 vial (tube, capsule) for an adult per day. We recommend drinking 2 or 3 vials for a person in poor health. The volume for the baby and children are shown as follows.

For babies: it is best that Mother drink 1 vial for mother’s milk. The quality of mother’s milk can be improved. In case of cow’s milk, please put some drops into milk.

The weaning period – 2 years old: 1/10 (1ml).

3 years old – 6 years old: 1/5 (2ml).

1/2 grade-schooler : 1/2 (5ml).

Q7, How long should I take it?

It is best to drink 1 vial/day continuously. This is because our enteric environment is always changed due to food, alcohol, medicine, stress, etc. Therefore, it is better to drink it continuously to keep your gut microbiota in good condition. This is a key to maintain healthy body condition through the year.

Q8, Can I take it with medicine together?

Yes you can drink it with medicine, including most chemotherapies. But we will recommend you to consult with your doctor to be sure.

Q9, Why has my intestinal & bowel motion condition changed after beginning LACTIS 

(for example – gas has increased, or the faeces has become harder or softer)? Some people might experience changes like these while the enteric environment becomes healthier. But it will settle down in one or two weeks.

Q10, Where is it made?

It is made in protective factory (GMP certified) in Japan, Fujinomiya City near beautiful Mount Fuji. We produce it consistently from the soybean to the product in a strict sanitary control.

Q11, How long is the best-before date?

The best – before date is two years from the manufacturing date. Please drink it within the day after opening.

Q12, What is the storage method?

Please store in a cool and dark place.


One month supply – 30 x 10ml 

For gut and immune health 


Tear sachet to open. Drink one per day, as is, or dilute with up to one cup of water. 
Consume immediately after opening the sachet.

  • Easy to take and traveller friendly.
  • Recommended mixing with water but can also be mixed with juice or warm tea.