Food Additives and LACTIS

Many of us have made/are making significant changes to our diet to lose weight and/or improve our health.

BUT! What if some of the changes were contributing to more health problems??

The information in this section examines food additives and dietary trends that may cause problems for our health.

They Include…

Artificial Sweeteners – Read More

Food emulsifiers – Read More

Electrolyte drinks

Many supermarket foods contain some or all of the following list.

Different types of food additive and their uses include:

Anti-caking agents  stop ingredients from becoming lumpy.
Antioxidants  prevent foods from oxidising, or going rancid.
Artificial sweeteners  increase the sweetness.
Emulsifiers stop fats from clotting together.
Food acids  maintain the right acid level.
Colours  enhance or add colour.
Humectants  keep foods moist.
Flavours  add flavour.
Flavour enhancers  increase the power of a flavour.
Foaming agents  maintain uniform aeration of gases in foods.
Mineral salts  enhance texture and flavour.
Preservatives  stop microbes from multiplying and spoiling the food.
Thickeners and vegetable gums  enhance texture and consistency.
Stabilisers and firming agents  maintain even food dispersion.
Flour treatment  improves baking quality.
Glazing agent  improves appearance and can protect food.
Gelling agents  alter the texture of foods through gel formation.
Propellants  help propel food from a container.
Raising agents  increase the volume of food through the use of gases.
Bulking agents  increase the volume of food without major changes to its available energy.