Cancer and LACTIS

LACTIS is leading the charge in a new generation of microbiome focused oncology medicine.

LACTIS lactobacillus extract can help you…

*At the time of diagnosis

*During cancer Treatment

*After cancer Treatment

Often cancer patients have a ‘waiting period’ after diagnosis – the time before treatments begin. This ‘waiting period’ is often a time filled with high anxiety and foreboding of the impending impact of cancer treatments.

This is therefore the ideal time to work on the health of your gut microbiome.

Gut Health and Immunity for Cancer Patients

The evidence is gaining momentum suggesting that modulating the gut microbiome may affect responses to numerous forms of cancer therapy.

Indeed the microbiome is receiving significant attention given its well researched influence on a host of human diseases; IBS, gastro-intestinal and bowel cancer, bowel polyps associated with colo-rectal cancer and other conditions.

A working knowledge of the microbiome is vital as we move forward in this age of precision medicine, and an understanding of the microbiome in cancer is crucial… LACTIS and it’s more concentrated sister product CHITSU (for Chitsu;  please contact Grace via the contact page) are leading the charge in a new generation of microbiome focused oncology medicine.

Gut Responses: Microbes, Inflammation, and Cancer According to the latest research – positively influencing gut bacteria is about to be a game-changer in oncology

Be Empowered with LACTIS:

LACTIS is not a prebiotic; not a probiotic; but a fermented lactobacillus extract. Therefore it has no live bacteria like (probiotics) only the fermented metabolites of bacteria.

Safety of Probiotics – A Prime Concern for Cancer Patients. 
For some time oncologists have raised concerns about ingesting concentrates of “Live Bacteria” in a one size fits all approach to offset gut-related side effects from cancer treatments.

Oncologists are concerned for those who are immune compromised by their cancer and treatments. Taking large quantities of non targeted live bacteria may not be safe.

Yoghurt, kefir and other fermented foods help our gut microbiomes; but ingesting large volumes of concentrated bacteria in supplement form can create health issues for some cancer patients. 

Eating a balanced diet

Which means eating small amounts from all food groups; assists with healthy function and numbers of bowel bacteria.

Therefore it is important to also provide an adequate food foundation so that your gut bacteria can forage.

Ultimately what you eat is what “feeds” your gut bacteria. If you have had a restricted diet for reasons of what’s trending in fad diets, rather than for example, a true food sensitivity, consuming a balanced diet the addition of a lactobacillus fermented extract (LACTIS) will assist you. 


Convenient 10 ml sachets – add to a glass of water for best effect.

Purchase 1 month supply for only $118.00 (30 sachets)


All proceeds support our cancer charity work – the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship & Research.

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